Saturday, May 23, 2015

You're Gonna Hear Me Roar

Coming from small-town Chadron where we have no public transportation, the experience of taxi's, buses, and of course the tube has been SO much fun! I can only imagine the brain power  it took from the thousands of engineers it took to build the system! It is very similar to an underground subway, just a different name. There are a total of 13 lines, who knows how many trains or how many stops each line directs, TONS, traveling all around London! We were told thousands of people use the Tube on a daily basis. While using the Tube we have been the only ones on and sometimes elbow to elbow with strangers. No personal bubble while riding the tube at the busiest times of the day, early morning and late afternoon. Using the tube adds about 2-4 hours to someones work day.
But if you drive a car into London they charge you a daily fee of 11 pounds. That adds up real quick. Most use bikes, like I said before, the people on bikes don't play around, they are serious! 

Living in London is a completely different environment from anywhere I have lived. Such a small piece of land with TONS of people. The buildings are small, the houses are small, but everything seems so much more expensive. 
While visiting I have learned the communities provide many opportunities for the homeless, one of our tour guides explained to me there are many houses provided for the homeless. Basically you have to really really try to be homeless in London, because they have so many resources for you it'd be hard to not take advantage. Which I think is cool. 

In my opinion the people are so friendly, the guys are so much more polite. Weird observation, I know. The diversity in this country is extreme, all different kinds of people every which way you look. I enjoy that, seeing a new face every day. Also when I tell people we are from the Unites States they sort of are hesitant towards me, as if I will have some sort of dominant attitude almost coincided.  It's true people in the United States think we are the best there is. I will be honest though before I came here I was under the impression America was #1 too, I no longer believe that in fact almost the opposite. With that said I am proud of where I come from and how advanced our country is. Leaving London the only thing I am looking forward to is seeing my family. AND cheaper prices for almost everything!! The life style is expensive here but worth it, I imagine.  

Another thing that I have noticed that is different from Chadron is it's almost like they don't have dumpsters. Trash is piled quite a bit all over, almost. Unlike California there isn't trash or should I say rubbish in the gutters but outside of busy places there are bags of rubbish just in a pile.
Before coming our professor told us liter 'cans' aren't all over because of past terrorism acts, terrorists would put bombs in liter cans in busy public areas. They learned their lesson I guess. But no dumpsters?

Can't forget to talk about pubs and restaurants! Believe it or not the educate is completely different then what we are used to! If I lived in London I would be out of a job because they really don't have waitresses. Instead the menu is listed outside of the door, you pick a table and go up to the counter to order, wait for your meals or drinks and take them back to the table. One person usually orders for the whole table, I guess it's easier for the person working, more organized at least. They eat dinner a lot later then we do in America, so the businesses stay busy for much longer. Also gratuity is always added to the bill. The people working in the restaurant or pub don't come and check on you to make sure your meal is enjoyable. Little things that make that experience different, most people unlike in America aren't constantly on their phones while at dinner, I think that's the fist clue gives away that we are American. 

I've had such a great time experiencing the different lifestyle!! Definitely have enjoyed expanding my little world view! I will carry these experiences with me for life, and use the lessons I've learned to enhance my education, personal life, and future career! I feel truly blessed. 

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  1. I am so glad you enjoyed your visit. It sounds like you got a first rate trip, with lots of great tours. I can't wait to hear all about it! And you made it to Stratford! I tried to go like 5 times and missed the train every time. :/ Hah. Gives me a reason to go back.

    Next time Scotland and Ireland. ;) xo