Thursday, April 23, 2015

Cool, Fun, Global.

According to the United Kingdom Demographics Profile updated in 2014 the population of the United Kingdom is 63,742,977. Of that, the urban population is 79.6%. 

London is one of the most ethnically diverse cities on earth. In 2007 there were over 300 languages spoken in it and more than 50 non-indigenous communities.

 London's ethnicities mapped :

 Picture was taken from The Time Out London Blog accessed April 2015

More and more excitement!!

 We are going to London, we are going to London, we are going to London in 17 days!!
Staying at the National Royal Hotel - Largest Hotel in London with 1600 guests!!

Bath & Stonehenge, one of the things I am most exited to see. I am hooked on Diana Gabaldon's series Outlander.  In the beginning the main character and her husband travel to visit the Bath and Stonehenge, and after their visit life is never the same, It's a great series and even better book.

YAY!! OH MY GOSH! I am excited about the food, theater, the clubs, the food, the pubs, and Camden Town, cannot wait to ride the Tube!! Did I say the food?!

(I got these pictures off google)

Monday, April 20, 2015

Baked Beans for Breakfast ..

I’ll be honest here, I am a little concerned about my ability to conquer the language barrier..
Also, baked beans for breakfast? I like baked beans, I do, with BBQ.. 

Anyway, I am extremely interested in London's justice system, and some of the issues they face that are similar and different than those of the United States justice system. It's not everyday we stop to think about international justice issues, this is so fun for me!!

In the United Kingdom there are three separate criminal justice systems, one each for Scotland, Northern Ireland, and England and Wales. I am going to focus on Her Majesty's Courts of Justice of England and Wales which are the civil and criminal courts responsible for the administering justice in England. They apply laws established under Acts of the Parliament of the United Kingdom.

I was doing research and ended up on the Nation Master website, there I found compared crime stats. Something I found sort of ironic was the overall crime level in the United Kingdom is 48 - ranked 42nd, the United States is in level 56 - ranked 30th, 16% more than the United Kingdom. But the overall fear of crime in the United Kingdom is 51 - ranked 47th, 21% more than the United states ranked 60th with 42. 

Some of the statistics I found interesting was the comparison in prisoners, the United Kingdom has 78,753 prisoners and the United States has 2.02 million prisoners. Sounds about right. Also the justice system punishment Capital punishment (last execution year) in the United Kingdom is 1,953 and 2,014 in the United States.

There are a lot of other statistics on the Nation Master website I simply selected the few that stuck out to me, check it out!!

One more thing, I just recently found out in London you can be sentenced to prison for 5 years for possessing pepper spray .. just that sink in for a second. It sure is different!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

10 (terrible) American Sterotypes

1. We're fat. - This one might be true. It's the idea that all Americans LOVE McDonald's.
2. We're ignorant.
3. We're stupid, lack of education. - Compared to many countries, yes, we might be.
4. We are violent. "Gun crime is out of control", "Every American owns a gun"
5. We are rich. - Well.. some of us are.
6. We have the most people incarcerated. - This one is probably pretty accurate!!
7. We have a sense of superiority.
8. We are rude.
9. We are lazy. - This one might be true also, we have definitely catered to laziness.
10. We are really friendly, talkative, and loud. - Well.. I am!

I can't decide if these scare me or not.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Count Down!!

Feeling excited and nervous and anxious and oh my gosh IM GOING TO LONDON!