Monday, May 18, 2015

I am bragging....

 That's me and Brittnie
                   I put on the bullet and knife proof Met vest!
(Gosh I look tiny.. TOUGH I mean!)
    There I am with the hat and truncheon!
               On the London Eye, we were so high the people looked like bugs and I felt like I could touch the plane!
 My roomie Rachel!
                                         Yup. Check me out! That's Stonehenge behind me!!!
                         This is a crescent shaped building we literally pulled over to look at! hahah!
                                        Check out that 18th century design... AAAMAZING
                                                         Above the Window it says ..
                                "The oldest house in Bath 1482, Sally Lunn lived here 1680"
                           That is part of what is left of the Mid Evil Wall... Yea.. I touched it!
                  The Roman Bath... healing or not the water was disgusting water. I could hardly finish a cup, and they used to drink pints before breakfast!! Yuck.
                                                   HAH, they park like this all over!!

I am seriously having the time of my life, it's so different then what I am familiar with, I am learning so much and realizing how truly sheltered I have been!

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