Wednesday, May 13, 2015

I am already in LOVE with London.

It's only day three.
The culture.
The pubs.
The people.
The restaurants.
The food.
The entertainment.
The architecture!!
I could go on and on. Seems like London Life is essential. Like it's the place to be. People aren't rude but they don't say "Hi" like we do in America, they don't smile at each other like we do in America everyone is always very nice, it's just different.

We went to the London Zoo, rode the London Eye, and visited the London Dungeon. Needless to say I was exhausted by the end of the day! However, I truly enjoyed every minute. I am trying to soak everything in I can because our time is flying by!
On our way to the Zoo we walked through Regents Park, it was huge, so green and so beautiful. I'm from Wyoming, where everything is brown, so I LOVE the green grass. Hahah There was a team of some sort practicing. There were people playing with their dogs, there were people just sitting and reading. It seems like such a chill hangout. The trees were beautiful, and HUGE!
Even there trash cans are "classy". 
I just love it here!! 

Bikes. SO many bikes. I was almost hit by a bike last night. I'm glad I wasn't because those on bikes cruise!! Let me tell ya. The girls watched and laughed for probably an hour. They now tell me they are going to put me on a leash (feel the love?). Every time we go to cross a street they shout "watch out Brenna". It's going to make for a hilarious story.

I am looking forward to M & M World and Camden Town!!


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