Friday, May 29, 2015

A New Perspective

This trip completely changed my opinion about the United States compared to other countries, just in two weeks opened my eyes to so many unfamiliar things.

I have been posting a lot about how much I enjoyed London, and how wonderful the United Kingdom is as a country. And I really hope I am getting my point across, I love it.

I love my home too. The United States is an amazing country and I am proud to be an American. Visiting London has only opened my eyes to all the possibilities and opportunities the United States hasn’t faced yet, we will and when we do we will probably dominant. I get to live through some of it. I hope to be a part of something that drastically improves the United States as a country. Traveling really has inspired me.

I really enjoyed traveling to London and I will probably go back but since I’ve been back I have been embracing our differences. I’ve been trying to enjoy the little things, the things I took for granted, even the things I dream to change, and the things I love. Traveling has changed my perspective in such a positive way. 

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  1. Brenna,
    I love hearing that you have had such a positive impact from visiting London, just like I did! Both countries are completely different and ever since I have been back I compare the two all the time. I love expressing to my friends how so many things in London are different to American! There are so many things like you mentioned that we take for granted, like a good amount of ice with our beverages! Ever since we have gotten back thats all I do is eat ice! I miss being in London as well! Its crazy to think that the world has so much to offer and we have only seen a little part of the world.