Thursday, May 21, 2015

Once In A Life Time Opportunity

I’m just going to say it today I felt extremely lucky and also important! (hahahaa)
Very few can say they've done what I did today..

Today we went to the New Scotland Yard bright and early. Most are under the influence this is a working police station, however it is not, instead it is an office block for Metropolitan Police Officers. The commissioner’s office is in this building. For those who don’t know a commissioner is the highest rank of officer in London.
After being briefed on the plans for the day, we were escorted by Constable Watson and Constable Cole to Downing Street. YES #10 Downing Street!! Where the Prime Minister of London lives!! Take a second and read that sentence again. And get this?! I stood in front of the door, and I have picture proof!!! It is not open to the public, although it used to be so this opportunity, obviously is extremely rare. The road is blocked by a huge gate and guarded by at least 5 officers, we had to go through security and we also saw a car coming in that had to be searched. It’s very secure. Can’t even express my excitement.

Downing Street is famous and is over three hundred years old. Sir Winston Churchill the First Lord of the Treasure lived there from 1951–1955. He is one of many well known orators to live in the house with about 90 rooms, just walking distance from St. Jame’s Palace.

Right after visiting Downing Street we walked by the Military Headquarters of London, I stood where the Queen will be for the Trooping of the Colour, or celebration of her birthday.
Many people while visiting Europe go to Buckingham Palace to watch the Guard Change. It’s a tradition that had been carried along for years, quite famous as there was TONS of people. We were BEHIND the gate. Again not many get this opportunity. It was an amazing opportunity, and a great show.

Walking out of the gate people were taking our pictures HAHAH it was like a paparazzi honestly it was hilarious because little did they know we are from small town Chadron. They thought we were famous or something. I felt famous! Guess my Professor just knows the right people! It’s funny knowing strangers have pictures of us!

Couldn't have had a better day! This experience made the trip for me. It was incredible!

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  1. This was my favorite part of the trip too!! I felt like I had to do the famous person "shade my eyes." Nothing like some clueless tourists to make you feel special for an hour!!