Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Windsor Castle and St. George's Chapel.

First day here we went on a tour of Windsor Castle and St. George's Chapel, it was the most detailed and the most beautiful place of worship I have ever seen. I was taken back by the rich history and significant meaning it has to the Royal family.
Rumor has it when the flag is flying the Queen is present, and guess what?! The flag was flying when we were there!! How Cool!!

We were not allowed to take pictures of the inside but I will of course post the pictures I took very soon!
Something I found extremely interesting was the buried Royalty in the church. We were in the church walking over  the bodies of people that had died in 1750's, let that sink in. It was extremely touching.

I wouldn't mind living in a castle, I might get lost but hey that could be fun!! I am trying to think of words to describe the intricate art work and stone carvings. But to really understand I think you have to see it. The effort put in to building these places is essential, I am not surprised at all that it took 53 years to complete! 

Mary's Dollhouse is the biggest and most amazing dollhouse EVER. It was a gift from Queen Victoria to Queen Mary, and it is a replica of the Castle. Everything is set to scale, just you give you an idea the plates in the dollhouse are silver. The plumbing is even real. The paintings are from the Artist himself. I just can't imagine the amount of time or money spent. It is essential. And I am sure priceless. 

My most favorite Memorial in the Chapel was of Princess Charlotte, like I said we couldn't take a picture but it was of her with a gown covering her whole body and her fingers peaking out of the one side. It was after she had given birth to a still born and unfortunately she died also. The tour guide said this was actually pretty common. In the memorial she had two people mourning on each side of her. While above is her spirit rising to heaven with two Angels guiding her, one on each side. The one on the left carrying her baby. 

Leaving our first stop, I felt like this was an amazing opportunity that I will remember for a lifetime. 

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