Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Can you see what I see?!

The absolute beauty?! It's breathtaking.

 Just one side of the famous Windsor Castle. 
I have the best group. Turning friends into family.
The Sherlock Holmes Pub!
Great food and even better company!

We went to the London Zoo today.. here's just a few pictures. It was amazing!
Kangaroo, because I have never seen one in person until today!! How cool!! 
There was a baby gorilla born just last week, this isn't it or the mom but it's a great picture!
Who doesn't just love seeing Giraffe's?! I know I do! 
We are on the London Eye!! What an amazing experience!!
 We saw so much of London!! And it's only day 3!!
I cannot get enough!
So much walking!! But I can't complain!! 

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