Thursday, May 21, 2015

Expanding My World

The last couple days have been so fantastic, oh my gosh.. (That's really all I've got, I'm just about speechless)

Sunday May 17th we spent most of the day in a coach driving around the most beautiful English country side on our way to Stonehenge and the Roman Baths.

Stonehenge was one of the things I was most excited for, I took enough pictures to last a life time!! And I cannot wait to show my mum! (;

There are many theories about how Stonehenge was actually built. One that we heard that specifically caught my interest was the idea that Aliens built it. Because of the size and weight of the rocks and distance from where the rocks are originally found and where they are strategically placed still today. They say it is a calendar and I like that idea. I have also been under the impression that the fixture was used for ceremonies, what kind still remains a mystery.  We were told many remains of humans have been found around and in the circle of the rocks. The fact that it is still a huge mystery is what just sucks me in! Definitely the sort of thing I am into, it’s so fascinating!

I’ll be honest before the visit I didn't know much about the Roman Baths. I sure did learn a lot! The roman bath served as a community and social function; to relax, keep clean and "keep up with the latest news". Also known for healing. The story we were told about the discovery of the warm "healing" water was that one of t one of the Roman Kings' sons (at the time) was extremely sick and so he was shun from their community. With his gross pigs he came across something like a pond, the pigs got in to rinse off when they wouldn't get out the man had to bribe them with acorns, finally when they came out of the water all their warts and gross things were gone. The man quickly got undressed and jumped in the water, just like he was "healed" from his illness.  The building is famous for the intricate engineering it took to build.
I am so happy I got the chance to visit something with so much meaningful history! Lucky for me I will never forget drinking the water. It was so warm, tasted dirty, but supposedly magic! Yuck!

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