Wednesday, April 15, 2015

10 (terrible) American Sterotypes

1. We're fat. - This one might be true. It's the idea that all Americans LOVE McDonald's.
2. We're ignorant.
3. We're stupid, lack of education. - Compared to many countries, yes, we might be.
4. We are violent. "Gun crime is out of control", "Every American owns a gun"
5. We are rich. - Well.. some of us are.
6. We have the most people incarcerated. - This one is probably pretty accurate!!
7. We have a sense of superiority.
8. We are rude.
9. We are lazy. - This one might be true also, we have definitely catered to laziness.
10. We are really friendly, talkative, and loud. - Well.. I am!

I can't decide if these scare me or not.


  1. We'll all be in better shape (assuming you don't come to find out that you really do like beans for breakfast) after all the miles we are going to put in while in London!

  2. Brenna,
    While reading your blog it came into comparison with my blog about stereotypes towards American. Its crazy to think that people really think about Americans in this sort of manner. It is even crazier to experience how different Americans act compared to British people. I really began to notice the difference when we were in the pub and we were so much louder then the locals that were there. I suppose its just the American way! Happy London!